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Dwinnell's Computer Services

SMicrosoft Certified Professional

Richard C. Dwinnell

1090 Huron Terrace Kincardine, Ontario

Phone: 519-386-4405  Email:

Repair Services

We know your computer is important to you and we do our utmost to accomplish very quick turnaround!

We can repair your computer or sell you refurbished or new products. You can depend on us for superb service, great prices, expert technical advice and extremely fast turnaround.

We can also build and host your Website.

Does Your Computer:

Freeze? Hang? Crash? Run Slow? Error Messages?

Reboot Without Warning? Infected with a Virus?

You need Dwinnell's Computer Services to fix your problems fast!

Call or email today! We can help!

$90.00 Flat Fee for Software Repairs!

Had a crash? Don't despair we may be able to recover most of your data!

Basic Website Solutions

Building, Domain Registration, Hosting, Updating Etc.

With the sheer number of personal events that you will enjoy in your life, we understand
that you want to share your moments with friends and family.


Our personal web design package is here to help you do that. Your personal site is as follows:


Introduction Page  Photo Page  Contact Page


Your introduction page houses a photo and an introduction sentence, both of which you supply.


The photo page allows you to place up to 15 photos.


Your map and contact page will house a map to the event and/or your phone and fax numbers etc.


A Domain Name such as
(com, ca, org etc) would be approximately $21.00 to $35.00 extra.


Computer Advice

Laptop: Dim the Display

A laptop's biggest battery-life-sucking component is its LCD display. To eke out more juice when you're off the plug, turn down your panel's brightness to the lowest level your eyes can stand.

Most notebooks have a Function key combo - or even a dedicated hot key - for a quick crank-down.

(You can also adjust brightness in Display Settings under Control Panel.)

Keep It Cool

Thanks to their small, cramped cases and tiny vents, laptops are prone to overheating. Unfortunately, using your notebook on your lap or on top of a blanket that protects your lap from your scalding-hot notebook—can seriously stifle ventilation and make matters worse.

To help keep temperatures in check, opt for a lap desk or a laptop cooling pad that won't conduct heat or block your laptop's vents.

Back Up Everything

Constant movement puts computer components at risk, and because of their portability, laptops suffer a lot more wear and tear than desktops.

All of that on-the-go use increases the risk of hard drive failure, so make sure you back up the data on your laptop to an external hard drive, thumb drive, or home server on a regular basis. Portable hard drives like the Western Digital Passport Elite make it easy to back up your data on the road.

Wireless Home Networking Tips

Fix Connectivity Issues

It sounds crazy, but 95 percent of all Internet connectivity problems can be solved by power-cycling both the router and the modem. Turn them both off, and then turn the modem back on first. Once its "sync" or signal light comes on, turn on your router.

Use Encryption

You've probably heard this before, but it bears repeating: Always enable your router's wireless security! Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption is the oldest (and weakest) form of security; the newer (and stronger) Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and WPA-2 are the best protection available today for home users.

Update Your Router's Firmware

All routers include internal read-only chips with embedded instructions that can be updated by the manufacturer. Router manufacturers generally update a product's firmware to increase performance as well as to resolve bugs and security issues, so it's wise to keep your router's firmware up-to-date. Check the manufacturer's Web site for the latest updates.

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