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Our Crew
"The Fishing Fanatics"

Rick Dwinnell

Captain Rick Dwinnell.jpg

Rick has been fishing since he was 3 and first hunted Salmon in 1973 while with the Canadian Armed Forces in Comox B.C. Fishing began in Lake Huron in 1988 and the Charter Service was born in 1998.

He has also fished Newfoundland for Salmon and Panama & Dominican Republic for Tuna etc.


His Safety & Boat Training come from the OPP & Canadian Coast Guard courses. 

Full Time 1st Mate
Garrett Bonnett

Garrett Bonnett.jpg

Garrett- he has been an advide fisherman since the young age of 5, from fishing the Lake Huron coastline for years his fishing expertise will definitely show that!

Part Time 1st Mate
Brain H. Watson

Brian Watson

"Doctor Watson" of the Legendary vessel "Elementary"

Brian has fished many areas of the world and his passion and dedication to our clients is the best you will ever find! With his impressive experience and expertise he will help you and pass on his talents to young and old alike!

Part Time 1st Mate
Steve James

Steve has fished since he was a very young age and is an expert at Salmon and Trout Fishing on Lake Huron and Lake Ontario. Your will be Impressed! 

Backup 1st Mate
Chris Dwinnell

Chris Dwinnell.jpg

Chris began fishing in Northern Ontario at the age of "2 1/2" and he also never lost his passion for fishing!

He has fished Lake Huron since he was 4 in 1988 and has been a member of our team since its inception in 1988 until 2016 when family obligations required him to step back. He returned part time in 2018 and to back up in 2022.

We were certainly excited to have him back! Look out Fish!
We have one of the best fishermen on the lake here!

Our Overseer & CEO
Penny Dwinnell

Penny Dwinnell.JPEG

Penny has been the backbone of our Charter Service since its inception in 1998! We could not exist without her dedication and endless hard work!

She Also Keeps Our Captain Inline & Is An Expert Filleter of Fish! In fact she taught Chris in the fine art of fileting!

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