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Sorry We Have No Stock!

Shark Trolling Products Quietly Ceased Operation In Ontario Canada

and Is Now Run As "Shark USA"

We Will Not Be Receiving New Stock. 


Description: Experienced fishermen know that fish prefer different lures on different occasions. On most days the simple and elegant method of pulling a spoon 3 or 4 feet behind a Shark works just fine. A good fishermen however, must be prepared for the days when the fish would rather hit something else. Some people have good results with cut bait. Many people catch fish by using a flasher or a dodger to put action on a trolling fly. One important thing to remember is that THE SHARK IS AN ATTRACTOR. If you use it to pull another attractor, the two will compete for the salmons attention. When a salmon becomes interested in a Shark, as they do for the most part, running a lure 20 or 30 feet down the road is not going to be a good option. Keeping your gear in a tight configuration will give the salmon the most exposure to your lure.

Please Note: The below prices are for pick up only and do not include shipping costs.

Attention: Please be advised never to mix Shark Cannonballs with any other brand of downrigger weights. Sharks are designed to pivot on the spot into the current when turning or encountering a change in the direction of the current. They will therefore not swing out. Other weights have substantially different tracking properties and will swing out and tangle with the Sharks. We do not advise mixing Sharks of different weights, they have slightly different tracking properties and may result in tangles.

We recommend any suitable release that can be attached to the cable just above the Shark. This will enable the Shark to perform the way it was designed; the Shark MUST BE ABLE TO PIVOT ON ITS AXIS so it can point its nose into the current just like a weather vane. Any release device attached to the tail of the Shark including Off Shore Releases or rubber bands will cause the Shark to mis-track! When you tighten up your line to put the bow in the rod, this applies tension directly to the tail causing it to lift straight up. The Shark will be traveling along doing a headstand. It gets worse; attached to two points, the Shark essentially becomes a fixed rudder not able to pivot. It will swing out wildly when a current hits it from the side.

Foggy Pier

Shark Cannonballs have the less swingback possible.

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Foggy Pier
Proper Attachement

Connect to cable not the cannonball.

Proper Settings.jpg
Foggy Pier
Proper Attachement

Facets Help Create Low Drag

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