Denny's Dam History - By Club Member Ron Plaskett

What do you know about where you are fishing on the Saugeen River?

You know there is Denny’s Dam and that there  was an old bridge nearby.  You even know about Thorncrest Outfitters with all their canoes and kayaks stored beside their house. You especially know  that the fishing is very good. But what else do you know about where you fish?

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Years Of Effort Behind Saugeen Miracle

By Club Member Darryl Choronzey For The Owen Sound Sun Times

Excerpt: Since the spring of 2005 members of the Ontario Steelheaders and the Lake Huron Fishing Club have been trapping adult-run steelhead at Denny's Dam. They set a collection target of 100,000 viable eggs and always have met that goal. The mixing of eggs and sperm then takes place on site at the Lake Huron Fishing Club's Kincardine fish hatchery. Depending on water temperature, club members generally carry out their total egg take and fertilization over a few days.

Once the eggs are fertilized and resting in protective trays, the members from Lake Huron Fishing Club take over the chore of babysitting for the next 12 months. It should be noted the Kincardine facility is state of the art and these babysitters are some of the best in the business.

On 29 March, 2012 an article on this spring's excellent steelhead run was in the Owen Sound Sun Times and may be viewed by clicking here. In a word "Wow"!

A Different Type Of Program on Saugeen River

From Going Fishing TV December 2010 Newsletter By Darryl Choronzey Lower Saugeen River Fish Ladder Work

While some are wasting fishing opportunities on Lake Ontario, other concerned volunteers and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources are still going strong and creating a miracle on the Saugeen River.

First, the Lake Huron Fishing Club and the Ontario Steelheaders got together to team up on a number of initiatives including raising and stocking healthy rainbow trout smolts far up into the mid-stretches of the Saugeen for successful imprinting. Then there’s also their program of trailering hundreds of returning adults 50 miles or more upstream to prime spawning waters. This past autumn, the two clubs even initiated an autumn transfer program which saw large numbers of winter run steelhead shuttled to these same waters. All in an attempt to increase and improve the steelhead fishing on Ontario’s finest steelhead stream.

Well, another miracle has taken place on the Saugeen this past autumn and I would like to thank the Lake HuronSaugeen River Fish Ladder Work Club, the Ontario Steelheaders and the local Owen Sound office of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for what they have accomplished.

For decades, migrating steelhead have been prevented from reaching prime Saugeen spawning waters at two dams located in the town of Walkerton, Ontario. The first dam in particular has been a major detriment to any upriver bound steelhead. A fishway had been installed on the lower dam, but it’s doubtful that it ever passed fish successfully.

Then the boys of all three organizations went to work and devised a plan to modify and improve the fishway. What I expected to take more than a year, was installed and completed in a few short months. It works and it will work long into the future when it comes to allowing the fish up into a true reproducing glory hole.Saugeen River Rainbow Trout

It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but it will pay off with large rewards for anglers who visit the Saugeen. The past efforts of these workers have seen the steelhead runs multiply from a count of approximately 2,000 adult steelhead a decade ago, to upwards of 20,000 fish today. Just watch how it expands even more in the future.

In the past, I’ve been often critical of some employees of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, but in this instance I would like to personally thank acting district biologist Jody Scheifley and area Supervisor Shawn Carey for their efforts in pushing this project through. My fishing cap is tipped to you guys and again thank you very much. The Saugeen is well on its way to being the finest steelhead river east of the Rocky Mountains.

Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observing System

Walleye Study: To increase knowledge on walleye movement and better manage the fishery, a tracking study is being conducted with walleye tagged from Lake Huron and Lake Erie. Each fish will have up to 2 external tags and 1 internal transmitter.

In the event that you catch and keep one of these tagged walleye, there is a $100.00 reward for reporting the fish and returning the internal transmitter.

If you catch & keep a tagged walleye, please:

  1. Record when & where you captured the fish.

  2. Immediately remove the internal transmitter from the fish & rinse with water. Store the transmitter at room temperature. You may keep the fish.

  3. For reward & arrangements to mail in the transmitter, please contact the USGS Hammond Bay Biological Station at (989) 734-4768
    (Mon-Fri , 7:00 am - 4:30 pm. At other times, leave a message at ext. 111.)

    Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

You may also choose to complete the online form at:

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Our local Lake Huron MNR contact is: Lloyd Mohr E-mail:

Additional Information my be found by clicking here and/or here.

What Is Going On With Lake Huron

The Michigan Government has completed a detailed report on what is happening with Lake Huron. The full report may be read by clicking here.

This is a very informative article worth the time to read.

Ministry of Natural Resources Angler Web Tool

The MNR has a new interactive, easy to use, web tool that will help anglers and aspiring anglers plan a fishing trip from start to finish so they can get out and enjoy Ontario's great outdoors.

This is one-stop shopping at its best! Click here or on the logo to visit the site.

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